Mixed Rare Breed (Standards) WA STATE SOLD!

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  1. I’m selling 12+ mixed, rare breed eggs. All of my hens are running together with ONE rooster. Here is what may be in the mix:

    Rooster is a black Orpington and with two Orp hens, there may be some purebreds in the mix!

    The number in the ( ) is the number of birds I have in there.

    Hens are:

    Black Orp (1)
    Splash Orp (1)
    Golden Laced Cochins (2)
    Lemon Blue Cochins (2)
    Black Sumatras (2)
    Salmon Faverolles (2) carry the silver gene

    Asking $20 shipped!
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  2. rjswayne

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    Okanogan, Wa
    I'll take those! [​IMG]
  3. Well, great! Do you want me to drop them off along with your three new birds? [​IMG]
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