Mixed Silkie, compare with 12 week old silkies?

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  1. How does "Beaker" compare in style and shape with other birds his age? Here he's 11 weeks old:

    His brother looks smooth:

    And his sisters look mixed:

    I'm just SOOO curious, will he make it to puffy fluffy Silkie-dom? He's 75% Silkie. 25% rosecomb.

    can anybody here post pictures of their 12 week old Silkies? thanks!

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    All your birds are really pretty! I think your little Beaker looks like he leans toward the silkie look more than the Rosecomb. I love his coloring! His feathers look very silkie-ish!
  3. Quote:Thank you for the compliment! But I think your avatar is one cooool loookin bird.

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