Mixed Silkie/Easter Egger chicks


ChowDown Silkie Farm
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
I have from day old to 3 week old chicks for $1.00 each. Pick up only. Hen is golden laced easter egger and roo is splash silkie. All chicks have black skin and some have 5 toes, some have 4 and some have both. It's hard to tell how they will turn out to look but they appear that they are going to have the size and body of the hen and skin, toes like the roo. The feathers seem to be both. They are a project I started after I saw a pic of somebodys EE's on here. It was titled, "Whats wrong with their feathers?" I thought they where just beautiful and wanted some. So now I have more to share.

I can't ship so they will have to be pick up only. I have more hatching every week. The main color seems to be a light splash.

Don't click on the "Buy it now" tab, just email me.
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