Mixing 5 week old Muscovies with adult Khaki Campbell?


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I have 3 Muscovy ducklings (1 drake and 2 ducks as near as I can guess) and I saw an add for grown Khaki Cambpell ducks locally. I got my Muscovys for eggs and pets but they won't be in egg mode for at least a few more months. The Khaki is kaying now according to the add.
What considerations are there for adding ducks to a flock? What about the age difference between the birds?


Well. I dont have any info for you but this will get you bumped so you can get info.
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Depends on the birds. Theoretically, you should quarantine the new ones for a month. You don't want to introduce anything to your ducklings.
Your best bet at introductions would be to keep them seperate but within eyesight of each other so they get used to each other. You need to watch the khakis to make sure they don't injure the younger ones. It is recommended that you wait until they are similar in size.

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