Mixing Ages/Sizes: Your experiences!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Hrairoo, May 28, 2016.

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    Hullo all! Just wanted to hear all of your guys' experiences with mixing chicks of different ages or sizes, be they good or bad experiences!

    I had/have a broody hen, she sat on 17 eggs, but only 7 made it to pip. Only one out of them lived to be over a day old. After living with mama Lacey for a couple of days in a large pet carrier, I decided that this lil one needed a sibling, it was obviously not doing as well as it had as when it had a sibling for a day. Just so happened that I have a bunch of 2 week old chicks, and I needed to bring one in and clean it's feet. After this I showed the silkie cross chick Lacey, just wanted to see how the lil one would react to a chicken that wasn't moving around too much! (The 2 week old chicks were pretty scared of chickens, as a few of them broke into the brooder and ate all of their food... Luckily no one was hurt!)
    When I saw that Lacey didn't show any signs of aggression to the chick, I figured, "Hey, why not?", and so I put the silkie under her, and everyone has been getting along amazingly since! The bigger chick does not pick on the smaller one whatsoever, and despite it's age, has taken to the hen and learned to listen to her very well! I plan to move them into the coop with the carrier tomorrow, weather permitting.

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