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    Apr 1, 2012
    I guess this is the correct part of the forum for this...

    We have 6 chocolate orpington eggs due to hatch next week. I was wondering if i can mix breeds later if i get more. I know some issues with size etc can make it tricky so its not advisable?

    I see photos all the time of people with loads of different kinds of chickens mixed together.... so i guess it can be ok?

    What about mixing strains? I.e. if i have chocolate orpingtons, can i get a couple silver laced? I guess this would increase the chances of them getting on?

  2. Yes you can mix different chickens together successfully. It takes a bit of planning, and plenty of space for them. If you were to search on this forum for 'adding chickens' (to flock) or 'introducing new chickens'--- I think you would find quite a few discussions and ideas about the subject.

    The search bar is right at the top under the BYC logo.

    Good luck with your hatch....I have some eggs that will be on Day 21 next Friday!

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