Mixing breeds with Jersey Giant Roo


6 Years
Jul 13, 2013
SW Kansas
So this is my first year with chickens and I adore them. At the moment I have 28 Hens/Pullets and 9 Roos for meat. I want to allow my birds to breed in the next year or two but don't really know much about breeding. I just love my Jersey Giants, but the 3 roos I have are too aggressive to keep around my kids. I am looking into JG breeders that focus on docile birds.

I have several JG hens, a couple Buff Orps, 2 white rocks, several EEs, 2 anconas (which I adore), a red star, and a few Wyandottes

So if I just let a good natured JG roo have his way with my girls what am I likely to end up with?

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