7 Years
Sep 2, 2014
NE Ohio
All what you’ve mentioned are in my flock and they’re all doing ok coexisting. I got 3 Barreds, 7 RIR, 7 Ameraucanas and couple of buffs and 10 other more breeds and they’re good as long as you have plenty of room and introduce them in timely manner.


In the Brooder
Mar 11, 2018
Newberry, SC
Thanks everyone! They are still week old chicks at this point! I'm just starting out. We live on a medium-sized old farm from the 20's that hasn't been in use since the 80's. We are fixing them up a barn and fenced in small area and then going to introduce them to a fenced in larger area after they get used to the small area and know where to nest so we don't have to go on a Easter Egg hunt every day! Haha So eventually they will have enough space you can technically call them free-range during the day but will have a good sized safe place at night, too.

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