mixing colors of a breed


10 Years
Aug 19, 2009
hi all, just curious what would happen if i bred a grey japanese rooster with a black tailed white japanese pullet/hen? would they all come out either one color or the other?

does it work that sebrights auto sex when you breed the gold and silver together? (eg: Gold hen + Silver rooster= gold boys and silver girls, and vice versa) I have acquired a gold sebright hen i will have in my silver sebright run (my hopes were to hatch eggs and keep a boy of hers to breed back with her to have a pair of gold sebrights).
Sex linkage only works when the female carries the dominant gene & the male recessive. They are not interchangeable. In the case of gold/silver the feamle needs to be silver & the male gold. The pullets will be gold & the males, in the presence of columbian, will look silver with brassy hackles (if they have saddle hackles) though the males are carrying both a silver & a gold gene.

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