Mixing new banties with older chicks

hale moa

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Apr 13, 2008
big island hawaii
aloha this is my first post although i have been scouring your pages and inhaling all your wisdom! i had chickens as a child and finially thought i was prepared for more. i have 3barred rocks, 3 aracaunas that are now10 weeks old . they are supposedly all girls. i was going to get silkies but they didnt come in, then i went back and these little cochin banties were there and i brought home 3.( the banties are now 7 weeks old) cutest things i ever did see! so they are only 3 weeks apart in age but i kept the little ones inside until they feathered out. so now i have trying to mix them with no success. if they were dogs i would say they had their hackles up and then attack. the 3 little ones are in a corner of the pen sectioned off so the big ones can see (2weeks now). a friend came over and said the pen wasnt big enough. it is 6X12 feet, 8 feet high and the coop is 3x13 feet attached where they could go in and out. i am gonna let them in the fenced yard to free range when they are not targets for the mongoose. she also said they were the friendliest most spoiled chickens she had ever seen. are they too much momma's girls?? is there any hope of mixing? any advise appreciated.


11 Years
Apr 5, 2008
There should be you just have to let the older chickens get use to them. They were there first so its their territory. When they get use to them make sure to watch them as you introduce them to the rest of the flock. They will peck at each other to establish the pecking order. But after the new chickens know their spots everything should be fine.

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