Mixing new chicks


Jun 6, 2021
A week ago had a baby turkey hatch it was unexpected I didn’t know the egg was as far long in development as it was it was supposed to hatch along with a duck egg that still has a week to go. But I have a chicken egg due to hatch in two days. My question is can I add the chick to the brooder with the Turkey chick or should I keep them separate.? *picture is my littlest with his new buddy Ted 😍


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Jul 3, 2021
Hi! Here's my suggestion:
The short answer is this- You can raise them together (some people manage to do so successfully) ...but beware the consequences!
1. Turkey chicks are very calm, quiet, frail birds. Chicken chicks are loud, noisy, and hyper, and will be aggressive to turkey chicks, possibly injuring them in the process.
2. There is a risk of blackhead being spread around, and even more so if you are raising the chickens chicks and the turkey chicks together.
3. Turkey chicks and chicken chicks eat different feeds. Turkeys need more protein than regular chickens do, so if you raise them together, depending on which chick feed you use, there is a risk of the turkeys getting too little protein, or the chickens getting too much protein.
However...there is a very narrow loophole: Once they get older and are living outside, you can try putting them together, but at the risk of the male turkeys quite possibly over-mating with your hens!
Basically, I advise you not to raise them together just yet.
I hope this gives you a helpful idea of how to raise your turkeys and chickens!
I wish you all the best!!!

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