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    We have a small flock of guinea fowl that we added a buff sebright bantam hen to with no problem. So we then added a pair of bantams that turned out to be silver duckwing old English gamebirds. While the hen is quite docile, the rooster has gotten very aggressive toward us. We've been trying both the friendly method of catching him up and walking around with him under our arm and the aggressive method--chasing him around with a broom and whopping him with it when he gets really bad. He used to be such a sweety, it's sad to have to do that, but we can't have him attacking us and our guests. Anyway, to get to my real question, a friend has a variety of bantam roosters she would like to get rid of, and she would be willing to give me a hen if I take a rooster. I'd love to have a pair of her silver sebrights, but I'm worried about putting a more docile rooster in with the aggressive one. Is the OEG likely to beat up on the sebright, or will the sebright back down to avoid confrontation?
  2. Game roosters are notorious for not tolerating other roosters. But, I have no personal experience;just what I've read. If he is also people aggressive I would probably opt to cull the oegb rooster and get a pair of birds you can enjoy. Good luck!
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    I keep game roosters. Bantams of the Old English variety are not games. Can still be jerks. Show a picture of him near another bantam. I have had novices call my games bantams so you may have something other than you think.

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