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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by gabby3535, Mar 2, 2009.

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    At the end of April, I will be receiving my BEAUTIFUL "young trio" (2 pullets and a baby roo!) of Light Sussex from Greenfire Farm.
    They will be between 4 and 6 weeks of age at that time.
    At approx the same time I will also be getting 4 "young" EE pullets from a local breeder.
    So thats a total of 7 young pullets and a young roo.................

    My questions is, since they will all be feathered out, and approx. the same age (possibly a week or 2 difference in age either way),
    should I be able to put them all together in the coop, all at the same time........(or within days or a week of each other, at the most)........without any trouble?
    Since they will all still be babies, they won't fight out any pecking order at that age, will they?
    Is it, at this point in their lives, and 'age' thing, or a 'size' thing, which might, potentially cause problems?????

    Thanks for any input or advice.
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    Pecking order develops early in a chicken's life probably because it's linked to survival. If you can introduce the birds through a barrier where they can see but not get to each other that's a good way to start, if not then I generally get birds physically together in the evening with food as a distraction (usually a treat like corn or produce) and sundown looming the skirmishes tend to be brief. That said I always watch closely and check often for a fay or two after introducing new birds together 'just in case' something goes wrong.

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