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Feb 26, 2011
Hello, I am in the planning and building stage right now, and thought I better ask a question before I start buying. Is it OK to have Plymouth Rocks, Marans and Delawares in the same flock? I live in a town that allows up to 10 hens, no roosters, so I won't be breeding them, just raising them for eggs and entertainment. Also, we don't have a bunch of hawks or raccoons around here, a few foxes. I'm planning on having an 8X12 yard, 4X8 will be the coop and it will be attached to a 8X12 rabbit hutch/shed, so the actual yard will be 8X8. The coop will be 7 feet high and I'm planning 6 feet high wire all around the yard. Will I need to put a wire roof? over the yard? I can put a pop hole to allow them into the rabbit hutch to get in the shade and to get away from any possible hawks. I'm more concerned about them being able to fly out of the yard. If anybody can visualize my rambling and has any advice, it would be welcome.

I don't have pens for my chickens so I can't offer advice on that, sorry.

As far as mixing flocks goes, I have one flock of LF brahmas lead by a large brahma roo. I have another flock that includes silkies, speckled sussex, salmon faverolles, turkens, easter eggers, some mix breed chicks (from one of my younger hens), all lead by a turken roo. The two flocks were introduced when the younger birds were still pretty small, but through a fence. Now both flocks free range full-time together without a problem.

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