Mixture of Purebred Eggs


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
I am offering 18 plus, of what ever is laid.
I will mark these so you can tell what you get .

The Following breeds will likely be included:

Buff Orp
Barred Rock
Bantam Salmon Favorelle
Standard Cochin (BBS but also have Partridge and Silver Laced hens in the pen)

I also have my Rhode Island Red Hen in with my Buffs, some eggs may be hers, these chicks are really pretty, a nice deep Orange color.

These will ship Tuesday since Monday is a Holiday!
Crud! I didn't realize Monday was a holiday!
That changes some things, poo!
Okay, how do I bid? Where's the sticky? Or is this just a flat fee of $20 which includes shipping?

Drat, the tuesday thing does kind of mess up things. I'm putting some eggs in the incubator from my flock this weekend and don't want to stagger a hatch. Shucks! Next time though!
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