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  1. Tdenniss

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Someone told me that if i feed them vegetables, fruits, Layer and bread that it would mess up their protein levels and make them lay less eggs. Is this true or can i feed them all of that?
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  2. KazAnder Farms

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    Jan 17, 2011
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    Haven't had a problem here, we only have 9 hens and a fridge full of eggs. Soooo our guess is no? The chicken seems to eat what it needs, except when scratch is present in our case.
  3. WoodlandWoman

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    May 8, 2007
    If everything you give them as extras is all carbs, you will be lowering the percentage of protein in their diet. If it's a large volume, it could effect their laying. It takes a certain amount of protein to create every egg. If it's a smaller amount, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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    Jan 28, 2011
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    All of those things as treats are fine as treats. Keep them on a good % protein layer and they will be healthy and hopefully egg-laying machines.
  5. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Quote:x2 [​IMG]
    Exactly. Those things are supposed to be fed as treats, something that they can finish in 10 or so minutes, but not something you should be feeding in place of or in equal amounts as their layer ration. Hens need a high amount of protein and calcium in order to produce their eggs, which is what layer ration is designed to provide. Treats are good, but only in moderation.
    Good link for chicken feed: http://www.lionsgrip.com/protein.html

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