MN locally offered bantam birds: {d'Anver * Brahma * Modern X Serama}

High Roost Ranch

The Chicken Whisperer
11 Years
Dec 15, 2008
St Tammany Parish, Folsom, Louisiana
Minnesota offered locally in either the Waconia or Lester Prairie area, don't want to ship. Willing to drive a short distance to meet for gas.

The quail d'Anver cockerel would be an excellent 4-H/Youth bird, he's got all the requirements.

The brahma I believe is a pullet, she's a buff/dark cross (oops!). Not able to be shown because of the mismark color (she carries to much black where she shouldn't across the back) but a nice quality bird.

The Modern X Serama (modern boy fell in lust with my mottled serama hen and this one time oops resulted in...) a handsome black cockerel with a little mottling. Modern looking in all aspects except his tail set is higher than it should be.

Asking $5 each but willing to just rehome to a pet home the brahma and modern x. Would like to get $5 for the d'Anver, he's a nice quality bird and will be a good show bird for a youth.

All are AI tested as of August 19, 2011 and were dewormed/debugged August 20.

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