Mobile Chicken Vet in Gainesville, Florida Area?


10 Years
Oct 14, 2009
Gainesville, Florida
Does anyone know of a mobile chicken/poultry vet in the Gainesville, Florida area that I can call to come and trim my flock's nails?

I have a local vet that I can take my chickens to, but I have 7 chickens and that is a bit much to deal with. Ugh! I'd rather have a mobile vet come to my house and do this.

I called my local vet and the mobile vet they recommended does not deal with chickens (just large animals). He doesn't know of anyone that does this in the area. I am sure that someone does.
I tried calling them and it went directly to VM, then said their mailbox was full. Uh oh!

Thanks for trying what eggs.
I'll probably try emailing them too.

Anyone else?

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