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8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
north central KY
I've been trying to use this fancy new site today and while I like it (oooooo, fancy) it isn't mobile friendly. At all. I love this place, and enjoy spending my after dinner down time cruising byc, but it has been a struggle to view anything today.

Can some one please tell me if there is a mobile site in the works for those of us who (eek) don't have a full fledge computer outside of work?
Same here. Having a hard time posting from my phone. Second try today. Hopefully this will work.
This has been asked many times today. Either download opera browser or go to tapatalk ( was noted before byc changed over). Mobile devices and their software outdate so fast these days one has to stay on top of it all the time.
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I was just coming back to post a response about trying opera as suggested on another thread. I am doing it now, but may have to check out the tapatalk option. Working on finding the best option for my browsing pleasure.

my actual question was more along the lines of a mobile version of byc, one that is specifically formatted for those of us using phones. I think I heard that it was discussed, but I'm not sure where it went beyond that.

I'm not bashing the new look either, I love it! Change is good. More a "while you're at it maybe think about this" kinda deal.
Tapatalk will be enabled soon, but our next big projects are:

1) Increasing site speed & performance
2) A mobile version of the site that will work more seamlessly between most mobile devices and isn't dependent on an app.

We don't have a timeline on these items, but they are super top priorities!
Thankyou, both of you for very clear and rapid replies.

I was wondering about the tapatalk, having a very short refund window, and I couldn't find my byc on it. It would be fantastic if you made it very clear that it is not enabled yet, but will be shortly, when suggesting it for those (like me) who don't want to buy an app, but will to keep a good thing going.

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