Mobile Poultry Processers For Sierra Foothills, Ca!!!

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    May 26, 2009
    Just found out about this and wanted to share with BYC in case anyone else might need their services. I havent called them yet since I dont have enough roo's to process yet, so I dont know the prices. Here is what I have via my Ag dept here in Placer county Ca-

    Sierra Foothills Mobile Poultry Processer (MPPU)

    The Sierra Foothills MPPU Offers a complete poultry processing facility that can be transported to your property. The MPPU is a trailer containing all of the equipment and facilities necessary for processing all types of poultry.

    Entirely self-contained, it can be transported to your farm to process chickens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys, geese, and other poultry. Poultry processed in the MPPU can be sold directly to consumers at farmers markets, through community supported agriculture, and from the farm.

    Youth poultry exhibitors can also offer processed poultry to their junior livestock auction buyers.

    The MPPU is owned by the High Sierra Resource Conservation and Development Counsel, and managed jointly by High Sierra, UC Cooperative Extention and Sierra College.

    Contact: Roger Ingram, UC
    Cooperative Extension
    [email protected]

    I hope this helps anyone who may need their services. I dont know the prices for processing, but if anyone finds out before I do- please let us know here on this thread. If you have dealt with this business, please share your experiences with us.

    I think its pretty neat that you can sell your poultry pretty much anywhere after they do the processing. Of course, maybe I could do that anyways, I just dont know the rules about that. I dont plan on selling any of my own I may have them process (if I decide to use their services), I plan to EAT them myself! [​IMG]
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    May 26, 2009
    Found out some new info-

    Turns out the group has a big Feather-Lite trailer in Grass Valley. You need a 3/4 ton truck to pull it. What happens is you (the customer) goes to the site, you pick up the trailer with your own vehicle, and bring it to your place. It has killing cones, sinks, counters, a plucker, pretty much all the nice stuff you need to process a chicken or other fowl. The plucker can handle up to 4 chickens or 1 turkey, goose or other big fowl. You still gotta do all the dirty work yourself as far as the actuall killing though. [​IMG]

    It costs $100 bucks a day monday thru thursday, $120 on the the weekend. Purty pricey if your just doing a few birds, but could be a good deal if you have alot to do, or a group of folks who wanna get it a bunch done in one day.

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