mobile tractor for yard- wire on ground side OK ?

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    Jan 10, 2016
    Western PA
    So we have a small, soon to be mobile tractor (needs the wheels and handles) that gives my 4 BSL some time in the grass. Right now we are picking it up by hand. I shuffle them easily from the permanent run to the tractor with small tidbits & they like the time there. They are ready to jump back into the run at the end of the day to feed on crumble before heading in for the night.
    Here's the concern: we wanted to have them in the tractor before moving around the yard, so we put large cattle fence on first then some remnants of hexagon fencing along the bottom. This allows them to gently be picked up, moved, and have access to grass & whatnot, but I was wondering if this somehow could injure their feet? I made sure there are no sharp edges along where they walk, but just can't get the idea of the fencing itself hurting them?

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