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    Apr 12, 2008
    This is a very long post. I finally got in touch with the company who made the two horrid #1202 commercial incubators I bought. Instead of me wasting time, I'm merely going to paste the entire emails from this company. I do hope all of you will be able to gain from this. I have lost so many eggs in these machines, and it was not my fault. You will notice that not once did GQF have a 'real' person sign any of their emails to me.

    Ross Wilson

    Thank you so much for the detail here.

    I do remind you that not once have I asked for a 'free' sandwich from you. Your manner here is quite unfortunate. I think my lawyer will see this as the case, too.

    I accept your 'apology' for your error. I plan on announcing this to everyone I can in the American Poultry Industry, big and small. Ford, btw, would not give one of their employees anything for 'free'. I take offense that you state here that that is what I wanted.

    Unfortunately, you have given me 'exactly' what I've wanted in this email.

    Have a good day!

    Ross Wilson

    > From: [email protected]
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: RE:
    > Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 12:14:13 -0400
    > 1. The 1202 is no longer supported. The instruction manual listed on the
    > website is the best we can offer, but the original was out of print for so
    > long before we went to digital copies that the original diagram is not
    > there. The diagram on the 1200 series .pdf indicates an electronic
    > thermostat. We apologize for the error. The instructions will be removed
    > from the website to prevent further confusion.
    > 2. You fix the spiking problem by replacing the thermostat switch with item
    > No. 30006B.
    > 3. Ford is a multi billion dollar company and still wouldn't give you
    > anything for free on a ten year old truck. We are talking about specialty
    > equipment not automobiles. We have given you help. Fix the spiking problem
    > by replacing the thermostat switch with item No. 3006B
    > 4. Some end users customize their equipment beyond factory specs. We have
    > no idea what modifications if any may have been made and therefore cannot
    > attempt to address them. You should also expect the other items, such as
    > the turner mechanism, might sometime, somewhere, perhaps in an incubator not
    > unlike yours, fail, due to the mercilessness of time.
    > You have asked how to fix the spiking issue. The fix is a new thermostat
    > switch, item No. 3006B. This issue is considered resolved.
    > For information on current incubator models, such as the 1502, please see
    > our website. Warranty period in one year from date of purchase.
    > G.Q.F. Manufacturing Company
    > P.O. Box 1552
    > Savannah, GA 31402
    > Phone 912-236-0651
    > FAX 912-234-9978
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Bobby Ross [mailto:duc[email protected]]
    > Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 11:49 AM
    > To: GQF Manufacturing Co.
    > Subject: RE:
    > I do agree!
    > But one very small problem. On all your literature, there in no 3006B
    > switch indicated. How do you expect 'us' to do this in this case?
    > And, for the third, but certainly not the 'final' time, how do you fix this
    > problem?
    > Evidently, you do not want to discuss this on an 800 number. And, after
    > several months of contacting you, you finally have the time to help us. You
    > are totally right about it being my responsibility to fix 'old' equipment.
    > If I bought an old Ford 150 truck for hauling hay on my farm, and it broke
    > down, I could easily contact Ford Motor Company, and they would help me!
    > They might even recommend me taking the truck to one of their service
    > dealers. Catch my drift?
    > It also seems to me that what you are saying is that even if I do fix this
    > 'spike' problem with the 3006B, switch, there are many other problems that
    > can occur with such old equipment?
    > And, last on this email, what unit do you recommend now that you are
    > manufacturing to take the place of these 1200 series? And, what kind of
    > warranty do you give?
    > Thank you!
    > Ross Wilson
    > ----------------------------------------
    >> From: [email protected]
    >> To: [email protected]
    >> Subject: RE:
    >> Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 11:41:34 -0400
    >> The units are over 10 years old. There is bound to be normal wear which
    > is
    >> all that was indicated or implied. We increased longevity with the 3006B,
    >> but there was no issue. You should expect to make repairs on old
    > equipment.
    >> For the third and final time, replace the thermostat switch with item No.
    >> 3006B. There may be other problems in such an old unit, but you did not
    > buy
    >> brand new and should consider some responsibility for repairs. Good luck.
    >> G.Q.F. Manufacturing Company
    >> P.O. Box 1552
    >> Savannah, GA 31402
    >> Phone 912-236-0651
    >> FAX 912-234-9978
    >> -----Original Message-----
    >> From: Bobby Ross [mailto:duc[email protected]]
    >> Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 11:28 AM
    >> To: GQF Manufacturing Co.
    >> Subject: RE:
    >> Well, the luck of the draw! HAR! I figured just about as much.
    >> I bought two Picture Window Nova-Bators, 28.3 Watt, 110 Volts when I first
    >> started the program at Grant High School. Both of them are working just
    >> fine to this day. I have some chicks hatching today, as a matter of fact,
    >> in one of them.
    >> OK, let's cut it to the chase:
    >> I understand my 1202s are not under warranty. Unfortunately, you have not
    >> notified the market of this 'problem'. Understandably, it should be
    >> announced to the market of this condition.
    >> I think what you are saying is that if anyone buys one of the 1200 series,
    >> he will suffer like I have, and like all the kids in my Grant High School,
    >> Boy Scouts and 4-H Clubs. This should not be the case. Do you think?
    >> I have the total 'troubleshooting' manual on the 1202 as I have sent you.
    >> No where does it say anything about this 'spike' situation. YOU know of
    > the
    >> problem.
    >> My next question is very important: Can I fix these two machines by
    >> replacing their 3006B?
    >> And, if so, I will need additional components. 4 of the heat wafers, and
    >> etc.
    >> I want to 'fix' this problem. One way or the other. If you say I'm out
    > of
    >> business with these two machines, so be it. If you know absolutely that I
    >> can fix them, then let's do it. I will pay for everything, of course. It
    >> is not your fault I bought two 10 year old machines. I can see why there
    >> were so many for sale at the Pacific Coast Poultry Association's show in
    >> Stockton a few months ago. The market is 'dumping' these HORRID machines
    > on
    >> innocent people such as myself, and causing great suffering.
    >> So, let's take care of this.
    >> I thank you for your help.
    >> Ross Wilson
    >> ----------------------------------------
    >>> From: [email protected]
    >>> To: [email protected]
    >>> Subject: RE:
    >>> Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 09:44:49 -0400
    >>> Unfortunately the 1200 series incubator has not been in production for
    >> over
    >>> 10 years and is understandably no longer under warranty. Early 1202s
    >>> included the No. 3006 snap switch which was susceptible to sticking and
    >>> creating spikes after a few years, the 3006B adds a surge guard to
    > protect
    >>> the switch.
    >>> G.Q.F. Manufacturing Company
    >>> P.O. Box 1552
    >>> Savannah, GA 31402
    >>> Phone 912-236-0651
    >>> FAX 912-234-9978
    >>> -----Original Message-----
    >>> From: Bobby Ross [mailto:duc[email protected]]
    >>> Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:42 PM
    >>> To: GQF Manufacturing Co.
    >>> Subject: RE:
    >>> Thank you for your quick reply!
    >>> We had one of my 1202 in Grant High School in a program I introduced
    > there
    >>> for the students to 'adopt' one of my eggs and watch it hatch in its 21
    >> day
    >>> period. It was a total disaster. Both of my 1202 incubators have done
    >>> this!
    >>> We bought the wafers from you, but the ones you sent had a longer screw
    >>> attachment than the ones on the 1202. We are now using surge protectors.
    >>> Nothing works, but this might!
    >>> There are two No. 3007 wafers on each 1202 incubator, right?
    >>> So, if this is so, then shouldn't I replace both of them on each machine?
    >>> This is what I suggest we do:
    >>> Send me the necessary replacements for both these machines. Since I've
    >> lost
    >>> well over 300 fertile eggs, many in front of my students, not only at
    >> Grant
    >>> High School, but also with my 4-H kids, and my Boy Scouts. Make this a
    >>> project for you company. Let me demonstrate to my students how a
    > 'farmer'
    >>> can depend upon his equipment company to support him.
    >>> Here is my mailing address:
    >>> P.O. Box 261
    >>> Isleton, CA 95641
    >>> my telephone is: 916 777-7757
    >>> When I receive your replacement parts, I will immediately contact you.
    >>> Then, I will see if I am able to replace these parts. If so, I shall do
    >> so.
    >>> If not, I shall contact you for further instructions. I have a Nikon
    > D200
    >>> digital camera, so I can provide you with pictures of the process. I
    >> shall
    >>> mail to you the 'old' parts. I will be happy to pay you for these
    > repairs
    >>> if in fact they work. If not, then I think you should seriously
    >> considering
    >>> putting out a 'recall' on these models. This experience has caused a
    >> great
    >>> amount of trauma with many of my children, and with many of my
    >> professional
    >>> associates, and with me.
    >>> The bad part of this is that an associate had me buy these two 1202
    >>> incubators from a woman who was selling them on EBay. I'm being totally
    >>> honest with you. But, I also saw several of the very same machines being
    >>> sold at the Pacific Coast Poultry Association's show. I do believe these
    >>> are old machines. Not manufactured by you recently.
    >>> I took 72 ribbons with my chickens at the last California State Fair.
    >>> Recently, at the Pacific Coast Poultry Association's show in Stockton, I
    >>> took 38 ribbons, and 12 of my kids showed their birds for the first time.
    >>> Let's work together to make this a 'learning experience' for all of us.
    >>> This 'spike' situation is what we Vietnam Veterans call a 'booby trap'.
    >> It
    >>> is a very serious problem. I would like to nip this in the bud. Can we
    >>> work together?
    >>> I have been in Savanna many times. I have many friends there in the
    >>> military base. I find Savanna to be a totally enchanting city
    >>> Thank you!
    >>> Ross Wilson
    >>> ----------------------------------------
    >>>> From: [email protected]
    >>>> To: [email protected]
    >>>> Subject: RE:
    >>>> Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 17:21:22 -0400
    >>>> The No. 1202 was produced with a wafer thermostat. That thermostat
    >>> consists
    >>>> of a bracket, the No. 3007 wafer, and the No. 3006B snap switch.
    > Replace
    >>>> item No. 3006B.
    >>>> G.Q.F. Manufacturing Company
    >>>> P.O. Box 1552
    >>>> Savannah, GA 31402
    >>>> Phone 912-236-0651
    >>>> FAX 912-234-9978
    >>>> -----Original Message-----
    >>>> From: Bobby Ross [mailto:duc[email protected]]
    >>>> Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:00 PM
    >>>> To: GQF Manufacturing Co.
    >>>> Subject:
    >>>> Hello!
    >>>> Unfortunately, there is no 'item No. 3006B' on model #1202!
    >>>> Do you have another guess? I did go to several chat sites, etc, and
    > one
    >>>> suggested I use a surge protector. So, I did after I had re-calibrated
    >>> one
    >>>> of my #1202 incubators. The very next day, it 'spiked' again to way
    > over
    >>>> 130 degrees destroying 12 dozen of my eggs. This has made it well over
    >>> 300
    >>>> eggs I've lost with both of these incubators. Could you possibly
    > suggest
    >>>> how to fix this?
    >>>> Thank you!
    >>>> Ross Wilson
    >>>> From: GQF Manufacturing Co.
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    Mar 21, 2008
    Quote:Hmm, that is funny....... I get letters letting me know when things have been recalled or a problem found and recently had a part replaced on my OVER 10 year old minivan for free because of their defect. Sad that a company cannot afford to stand behind their product. What bad business.
  3. duckclub

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    Apr 12, 2008
    Hey Guitarist!

    You are absolutely right! You can not comprehend the heartbreak we have suffered due to this 'problem' that this 'company' is now addressing after 10 years. And, you will notice I never asked for ANYTHING free. They are now dumping these machines on the market. "They" being the MORONs that are stuck with them. That would be a good idea for me, too, I reckon. Get on Ebay and offer both machines for $700. I'd make a $100 buck profit. Tell whoever buys them the same thing the JERK who sold my my two that they 'work great'!

    Stay away from this company! There are many others I do believe that will stand by their products!
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    Jan 10, 2013
    Raleigh, NC
    I recently contacted them about the fans in my 1502 (I bought it used and told them so). They shipped the fans free of charge and were very helpful. I couldn't have asked for better service. There are a lot of parts not available on their website. I've found it helpful to just call them and ask. Did you replace the faulty part? We replaced the fans and the unit is going strong.

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