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    Hubby and I went to a hobby store that had ALOT of model trains and all the trimmings you can ever think of. Just goreous!

    Now tell me WHY those engines of different models cost SO much??? I thought Lionel trains would be the most expensive but naaaaaaah, they were in the hundreds of dollars and the metal ones were in the thousands!

    Are name brands better or just because of it rarity???????????

    I told hubby he can have a train set downstairs in the basement if he wanted to get into that hobby but he said nah, its too costly!

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    The difference is quality of workmanship and materials; small numbers produced for the hobbyist versus large numbers for the toy market; country of origin. If he's actually interested (even though in sticker shock), get him a subscription to a railroad magazine and let him read up on them for awhile before getting his own set. There may also be a local model railroad club that he can get involved with and not have to purchase a complete set.

    If you are getting a train for kids, I highly recommend LGB. Very high quality.

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