Modern Game Banty Stopped Laying?

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Mar 7, 2010
Moss Beach, CA
My Black Modern Game banty hasn't layed an egg for almost a year. She was only 1 year old when she stopped. The weird thing is, she stopped laying as soon as I gave away our two nutty Silkie roos. At first, she seemed like she tried and was in pain. Frantic, (and being a reletivly new chicken owner at the time) I gave her Activia Yogurt several times a week , which is "good for your stomache" and it worked!!!!
Well, she didn't lay an egg, but from then on she has seemed pain free! I don't really care about the eggs (heaven only knows I get enough already!) but I don't want her to hurt. Once, she layed the smallest darn egg i've ever seen! It was litterally an inch long! She broods occasionally. Do you think she is somehow love sick for the boys?
I dunno.
Where the roos too rough? Anybody else have an expierience like this? Is her "egg machine" messed up? This is a first for me. She isn't bothered at all, but i'm just curious. Anybody?

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Hi! My Modern Game bantams are not regular layers. In fact, I got the first 3 eggs last week from my 6 MGB girls since last summer.
They make funny, non-chicken-like chattery noises that might sound like they are in pain, but I don't think they are.

Is it possible she's taking the role of the roosters now that they've been taken away?

I've read on here that occasionally, in a flock without roos, one hen will stop laying and start taking on some male duties. I have no idea if that could have anything to do with it, but I'm throwing it out there.
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Could be it.... maybe. Her comb has doubled in size and started to flop over. She is sort of an Old Maid
to the rest of our yonger hens. Thanks for responding.

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