modesto milling feed - have you had problems?

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    May 9, 2011
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    hi folks

    i have a molting hen with terrible watery poops that started out as diarrhoea, and have progressed to big watery squirts. She seems to be happy and perky overall with a little more rest time than the others. She seems also to be losing weight no matter what/how much she eats.

    I have also wormed her (there was capillaria in her fecal sample) but 1 week into it, i'm not seeing any difference. her second dose is due thursday.

    I have been talking to some chicken folks here in the bay and finding that another person (and folks on BYC) are suspecting the connection between feed offered and this sort of poop situation. Also, a bit of leg weakness/overall weakness.

    I am wondering if you have had trouble with modesto milling's organic layer crumble and health troubles in your flock. We have also had marek's in our flock before (darn), and she is vaccinated, and it could still be possible that she is getting infected and trying to fight it.

    however, i still want to know if folks have had any trouble with Modesto Milling, and whether a change in feed has helped your hens recover from a similar health issue.

    She had a good appetite and seems to drink a decent amount of water. 8 months old, not laying, early-molter easter egger.

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