Moisture in the coop.

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    My windows on the inside of the coop are wet from moisture in the mornings after the hens have been cooped up for the night. The water dishes had a thin layer of ice on them. I was leaving the coop shute entry door for the chickens open at night but opted to close it during the cold spell we have had recently in the low teens. Thats when the moisture started showing up. I only have one decent sized ventilation screen near the outer top front of the coop and I dont think I am getting enough cross ventilation to Rid the moisture being breathed out by the birds at night when the coop is buttoned up. The birds roost about 4' off the ground on their roosting board. Being that the coop is 8' tall, I dont think air venting out the top portion of the coop will bother them that much by adding another vent on the rear side of the coop at and near the top. Is anyone having moisture problems or have any suggestions on what causes moisture? I get a whole lot of poop droppings during the night that are freezing also. I know these must hold some moisture as well.

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    Your assessment of the problem is right on the money. Adding a vent or two should solve the problem.

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