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    We got a brand new bag of feed from our local feed mill and when we opened it [since its a new type of food we didn't know if it was normal] we saw it had green and tan pellets, my dad of course being partially blind and not really caring what the chickens get, [well he does but doesn't pay much attention] didn't notice and started pouring it in the feed containers and me even being temporary blinded in one eye from the stupid rooster [ i wouldnt mind giving him the nasty food] noticed that it was green picked it up and asked my dad if it was normal he said he didnt know and i have NEVER seen packaged green chicken feed but i look at it closer and its FUZZY. its a brand new bag, never been opened and i don't know whether it was the mill or the people who made it! My dad took some food back to the mill so they can look at it and see it its really moldy [ i know it is anyone even with one good eye can tell mold!] 'cause there'd no point in taking a whold bag in and not getting anything for it he'll take the whole bag in tomorrow and will refund it if they let us, hopefully they will, my poor chickens will be living off grass and water today.

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    * Good thing you caught it before they ate it!
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    lucky you caught it before they ate it, moldy feed can make chickens sick, and a high percentage rate.. of death,
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    ya my chicken have ate mold before and they have both died so good eye.[​IMG]

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