Moldy waterer nipples

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    I love the idea of using hanging waterers with nipples as so many bycer's suggest. However, can they become moldy/dirty over time? I would think they'd compare to my kids sippy cups and over time mold grows in the tube part of the cup just out of reach of any scrub brush. Is this a concern?
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    Ummmm....... it's not a "tube" that collects moisture and then sits still or stagnant. It's just a tap valve, with a ball bearing sort of thing keeping water back. When the metal tip is tapped, it moves the ball which lets water drip out. When the metal tip falls back straight, it blocks the water again. Every time the tip tilts, water escapes.

    Nothing backs up anywhere.

    Now, the waterer may get algae growing in it, which may occlude the movement of the valve. Or dirt and crud may fall into the waterer and block it, over time. Like all waterers, the components should be flushed now and then when they don't work correctly.
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    I just installed a nipple watering system attached to a 5 gallon bucket. I understand if you put ACV in the water it will inhibit algae/mold/mildew growth. I also have the water storage (5gal bucket) in the shade so as not to promote algae growth. So far the system is working great. My dh did install some ball valves in the pvc pipe for drainage/cleaning. He is so clever because I never would have thought of that. [​IMG] The pvc with the actual "nipples" that goes into the coop is also installed on threaded pvc so it could be removed and cleaned with a long bottlebrush if needed.

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