Moldy waterer! Now 2 sick hens. Crop/ intestinal issues.

Amelia Egghart

Jul 8, 2015
Fallbrook, CA
It's like the bird issues never end! Who said chickens were easy again??

ACV: apple cider vinegar
ACS: acidified copper sulfate

Ok so about a week ago I noticed a hen had runny poo and a dirty butt. I washed her a couple days ago and found she had a squishy crop as well. She's a 4 year old marans from a good breeder but she's a big girl and usually gets a squishy crop when she molts (and she's indeed molting). I think no big deal, cage her up and do ACS water until she's better.

Then I see Dirty Butt 2 out there and figure I'll give that one a bath too. This one is a scrawny, skinny, mean little hatchery stock 2 year old ancona (cute as all heck but don't mess with her! Her nickname is Chola). I finally catch her and get her washed up. She's got an empty crop, her body is wider and she's got a full, hard abdomen. What is THAT?! so I feel her all around: her hips have widened up so she might be laying internally? I didn't feel anything egg like though. Her poops are mostly yellow mucousy urates. I don't see her straining to poop or lay and she hasn't laid an egg in several months anyway.

Environmental issues:
• They were wormed for roundworms about a month ago with valbazen.

• It's been pretty hot n humid.

• Lots of rats in the feed - I think I finally killed the last rat because now I'm seeing mice poop

• I took apart their waterer and found black moldy spots and bright green moldy streaks in it. Yech!!

I threw out the waterer and grabbed a clean one from the garage. The other birds are totally fine.

So last night my marans gorged food and this morning her crop is still full. She pooped mostly water with some digested food. Slow crop? My treatment plan for her is isolation with probiotic water until her crop goes down then liquid food and ACS water until the crop is no longer squishy and her poop firms up. Her attitude is normal.

The Ancona though... I've never felt a body get wide and firm. She isn't doing the weird stuck egg body position and she's not tail bobbing but.... yikes. I have her isolated with regular feed and ACV water. Her crop is empty. She barely eats or drinks.

Ideas? Suggestions?

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