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Xray Lynn

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Oct 31, 2016
I guys, I have been giving "Molly's wormer" for 9wks now and some of my chickens still have poopy bums. Does this mean they still have worms? I am finding very dark brown/ black poop around the pen/ yard that I am guessing it comes from the ones with the poopy bums.
Also how long can I expect to see poopy bums instead of fluffy clean bums?
Any experience here ?
X-ray Lynn
I'm unfamiliar with the wormer mentioned, but dosing them for 9 weeks :eek:

What age are you birds? On what basis did you decide to de-worm? (evidence of roundworms, or a scheduled de-worming).
If they did carry an excessive roundworm load (they are typically the only ones that one can see with the naked eye) then one would hope to see the evidence of the roundworms in their poo once they were de-wormed. A bit like this (but probably fewer worms)

I found this poo after having put de-wormer in my flocks' water 4 hours prior.

@casportpony ? casportpony is our resident worm expert. I'm sure that she, or others with expertise in the matter will be along to help out.

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