Molt in June????

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  1. Brownbarn5

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    Jun 3, 2016
    Our rooster looks terrible! He has missing feathers on tail and neck. Our hens have naked bloody spots on their backs. Have treated with BLU-KOTE AND PICK-NO-MORE. Some improvement on hens...see picture of our rooster! Purchased our birds 7 months ago.
    Any ideas?[​IMG]
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    Sep 2, 2013
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    Looks like they could have lice and/or mites.
  3. Could be mites or lice?
    Could be chicken math?
    How big is your run and Coop? How many Chickens do you have?
  4. Brownbarn5

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    Jun 3, 2016
    Thank you for writing. Here's the answer to your question plus a title back story, ok?
    We bought the rooster and 4 hens from a small farm in Ohio.
    We bought 8 more hens from a city guy who had a pen in his back yard.
    We put the rooster and the 12 hens in our coop and run.
    Coup is 8X12 with 8 nesting areas. The run is 12X24. Enclosed fencing 8 ft. High
    One hen had a bare spot on her back when we brought home the second group.
    Owner said it was molt. (October)

    When all of the chickens except 1 displayed this bare spot on their backs, we built a second coup and run. We put the rooster and 2 hens in this second coop and run.
    Coup- 4 X 8 and run is 4 X 12.

    We put the True Kote and Pick no More on everyone per the advice of the Western Reserve folks who know about stuff. We have done the meds over a month. No improvement on the rooster. No feathers left on his neck and upper behind.
    We separated the flock because of advice that the rooster was doing the pecking.
    We do fresh water and food daily. We get about 9 eggs everyday.
  5. Pull the Rooster. Sounds like a Hen is eating tail feathers? Throw out some dry cat food for your hens. Provide more protein in their diet.
    Your Rooster isn't your problem, its a feather eating hen.

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