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    May 19, 2011
    Hi all,

    My chickens are going through their first molt and I remember being told that trimmed flight feathers sometimes don't want to come out on their own. Is there anything I should be watching for? Should I be checking my birds? I don't want to handle them too much because they're getting pin feathers coming in. My one hen still has a couple long feathers on one side that I didn't trim, but I haven't inspected the trimmed ones on the other side. What can happen if they don't drop? Just looking for info from anyone who's maybe had a problem with trimmed feathers not dropping.

    Oh, on a related note: one of my very sorry looking easter eggers has taken to sleeping in the nest box for the first time in her life. I'm thinking she's chilly due to the feather loss, so I'm leaving her be for now. Any thoughts?
    Edited to add: I'm pretty sure she's not broody. She stopped laying a couple days before her first mass hemorrhage of feathers and she doesn't stay in the box during the day.

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