Molting? Broody? Mites? Low on the pecking order?

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    Jul 18, 2011
    This is my first post and I appreciate your help! I have 2 BA and 2 RIR all just over two years. One BA went through a hard molt this spring. The RIRs and 1 BA were losing feathers on their bellies and around their heads. We sprayed with pyrethrum and dusted with DE thinking they might have mites. All but 1 RIR have grown their feathers back. She is still missing feathers on her belly, under her wings and a little around her head - not seeing any pin feathers yet. Egg production has gone down for all the hens but the RIR without feathers, seems to be producing eggs without a shell. There are some feathers on the ground and she hangs out in the nest box everyday. Eyes and comb are bright and appetite is good. We also switched from straw to softwood shavings as bedding - thinking of switching back. So many variables to isolate and figure out!
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