Molting chicken appears drunk

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    May 14, 2015
    Summerland BC Canada
    My 1.5 year old barred rock has been acting strangely walking around as if she is drunk. Walking sideways, and can't seem to walk straight at all. She's lost basically all of her feathers in the last couple of days. She is still eating and drinking. Some research said it could be worms, an inner ear thing, protein deficiency. I need help.

    Any advice about a chicken walking like she's drunk? I gave some deworming medicine. Should I be exploring antibiotics? Let it run its course?


  2. Moulting is hard on Birds....Up the Protein...You can switch back to grower crumbles during the moult..Still provide the oyster shell on the side..Feathers are protein, so they need protein to help regrow feathers...I would not of wormed until after moult or at all...Only worm if needed...The drunken walk I am not sure about?

    Best of luck....


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