Molting in mid winter. Any tips?

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    One of my barred rocks recently started molting which at first scared the holy bujeezis out of me. My other hens haven't started theirs yet however. So my questions are since I need to add more protein to her diet how would you suggest I do so with the others still in egg laying mode? Also it's been at night in the 20s and the days maybe reaching 40. With her feather loss right now how well do you think she'll manage with the temps the way they are? Perhaps I should supplement with infrared heat in the coop? TIA for any responses :)
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    I have two birds molting now, too. Can't change their cycle, even though it seems to be an anomaly. At least they will be ready for production in the spring! I have same temps and they all seem fine.
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    I have one just finishing her molt and I have never seen anything like this. Poor thing was almost bald and her comb shriveled to almost nothing yet she was out in the wind and rain every single day... It does seem that they would have some built in mechanism to prevent molting during the coldest part of the year.

    I added protein to all their diets by supplementing "breakfast" with cooked eggs or canned tuna. I was also warming the food up and added some oil because she was so obviously cold....She kept shaking like she was trying to fluff up her feathers except she didn't have hardly any!

    They all look so disappointed now that we are back to cold layer feed and sunflower seeds.

    Pinky Pie is the #1 hen so she always gets the prime spot next to the wall where she can see out the window but I notice that while she was molting she changed her spot on the roost so she had a hen on either side but a two nights ago she knocked the hen there off the roost and got thing back the "right" way.
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