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    Discovered today one of my year-old Black Sex Links has no/zero feathers on under belly between legs or under vent. Just bald as billiard ball. The four BSL's look alike and she could be the one that sat on nest all day yesterday but I thought BSL's didn't normally go broody. She, and the other three BSL are top of pecking order so no one pecked her bald. No rooster either. Could this be the start of molting or a broody issue?

    Regarding molting - from what I've read they molt anywhere from once to as many as 3 times their first year???? My original 13 have never molted. Nine just made a year and four are 9 months old - all different breeds.

    Any ideas? Why a bald belly and why haven't they ever molted?
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    Hi Monique,
    Could be lots of things,lol.
    Do you think she could be egg bound? Have you noticed her standing around,puffed up or with her tail down? I'd watch her today to see how she acts or I guess in your case watch all the BSL's, lol.
    Could be mites or lice because of the feather loss.. you'd need to check their nesting boxes for bugs.Check around her vent at night w/ a flashlite & check the roosts for the buggers too.
    Yeah, I can't be for sure but I think they do molt three times in the first year. I think most of that happens before they start laying. They could be gearing up for a molt or taking a break.If you're able to catch her look for new feather shafts coming up... that's usually a sign.
    When my chickens had their first molt,it scared the daylites out of me,I thought they were sick.They just act different,not as friendly & their combs go pale.

    Good luck.. [​IMG] Miriam

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