Molting or something worse??? Big red lump on chest *PICS*

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    Apr 12, 2013
    Help my 16 month old hen has developed a red lump on her chest and redness down her chest to her rump. Also she is missing feathers. It started w lots of feathers around I thought it was just a molt (1st yr w chickens so I'm just going by what I've learned on here) my husband noticed the redness and lump a couple days ago it's warm to the touch. The other 3 hens are fine.[​IMG]
    Thanks for any help/suggestions
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Are you sure that is a hen? Those are huge feet and legs, with a big comb and wattles. First I would check for signs of mites and lice. Feather picking could be the issue. The red area on the chest looks to be right near the crop--could that be the lump? Make sure there is plenty of room, they go outside in the daytime, and there is between 16 and 20% protein in their feed. Limit scratch and other treats. Molting can start around this age, and it does start around the neck. Here is some reading on lice and mites and molting:

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