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    I have two White Rock hens and one Golden Comet hen in a 5'x8' enclosure. They are let out to free range an hour a day just before it gets dark and most of the day on the weekends. They are 8 months old and laying one egg a day to one every other day. I am very pleased with this laying schedule. I have noticed that the White Rock's seem to be loosing their feathers on their bottoms around the vent. I am unsure if this is normal this time of the year. Today the high is 68 degrees but it has been a warm winter for us here in South Florida. We have had only a handful of nights in the 40's over the last three months and many days into the 80's. Could they be molting?
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    It doesn't really seem to look like molting. I'm leaning towards the possibility of the Golden Comet being a featherplucker/eater. Are you finding feathers in the coop or run? If so, I want to change my guess. [​IMG]
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    Nope, doesn't look like molting.

    Check for mites and lice too - it can cause them to pick feathers out. For mites, check at night in the dark. For lice, check during the day or night around the vent.
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    molting wouldnt start there.. It is probably lice/mites. if you check and she has them , I would suggest a nice warm bath, and a blowdryer. "spa day"

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