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My bantam hen hatched out 5 babies one week ago. Mom & babies are in a wire cage in a stall in my barn. I want to move them to the new coop outside the barn--there is a run where they can go outside during the day. Nighttime temps here are normally in the 50's but due to get lower soon. we haven't had a frost yet, but could be one anytime now. If Mom is available to gather them up and set on them, can they go out to the coop? Should I keep them confined in the wire cage inside the coop for now? I have a rooster (their father) and 2 other hens about 4 months old who will also be in the coop.
My japanese bantam hen had her babies out when they were 3 days old, free ranging around the yard and field.

We've had a frost here 2x and I am not worried at ALL about the babies, mom keeps them toasty warm. It can be 20 degrees and mom would keep the babies plenty warm. Let them in the coop and outside in the run!! They will love it!

ETA: I don't know about the other chickens bothering the babies. My hens make it VERY clear to back off their babies and we don't have problems. I don't know how that would be in your situation, however.
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