Mom and lone baby inside, should I move them?

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    Sep 20, 2010

    I had two broody hens sitting on eggs in my unheated basement in a dog crate. Only one egg hatched and one hen took over the Mom role, the other pretty much sat on the eggs. When my egg sitter stopped eating and drinking, I moved her back into the coop with my 4 other hens. There has been fighting but nothing too terrible. I'm not sure what to do with the Mom and 10 day old baby. I'm afraid a few of the others will peck the little one since they are big Orps. Should I leave Mom and baby inside for a few weeks? I was also thinking I could put the dog crate in the coop (with a heat lamp since this is New England??) so at least everyone could get used to each other? I'm a newbie so any suggestions would be SO appreciated!

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    Quote:I have the same situation with a showgirl hen. She sat 5 eggs, but only 1 hatched, so now she has her lone little baby which is too small to put w/ a few others which are about 3-5 wks. old. In my opinion, since the hen was faithful to sit for 21 days to hatch, I'm letting her enjoy being a mama! I just left her in her own little crate with her baby in the garage and will probably keep her there until the baby is big enough to not need her mama for extra warmth. I do have a heatlamp on them as well. [​IMG]
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    Nov 15, 2011
    You shouldn't put a mama and baby in the coop with the others. They could injure, or possibly kill the baby. A couple years ago I
    made that mistake, and they killed all but one chick and the one that survived was SO serverly injured and broken. Section off a
    part of the coop for them. It doesn't have to look neat, or pretty, as long as it's sectioned off. You can use chicken wire. Or, put
    them in the crate inside the coop like you mentioned. That'll work to. No need for a heat lamp, mama will keep the baby warm.
    Be sure that the erea is free of drafts & protected from the elements and they should be fine. Until the baby is an 'adult', atleast
    6-7 months, don't add it with the flock.

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