Mom fell Friday **GRAPHIC PICS** UPDATED POST #1

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    So Friday (while I was out of town, of course, and my dad was at work) Mom fell. She was outside on her motorized scooter, and had just gotten done "walking" the dog. She deicided to give him the left over milk from her cereal bowl, and while she was getting up to get the bowl and take it over to the dog, she had a dizzy spell and fell down. From what I understand, and what she remembers, she dropped the cereal bowl, hit the picnic table first, then fell- right square on the ceramic cereal bowl that had just shattered. Her right arm was bleeding and her left one was hurting. She had her cell phone (thank GOD) and called my dad. He suggested to call the neighbor and have him help her get Diesel (our 100 pound wanna-be lap dog) in his "room" in the garage. Another blessing is that mom always carries a "sweat towel" on her scooter, so she grabbed that and layed on it to have pressure over the wounds. She says my rooster was "dancing around her, flapping his wings and chattering- and was obviously very concerned". Thankfully, Steve was home and came over- and got Diesel put in his room. About that time, my brother came over and took mom to the hospital. Steve stayed and swept up the ceramic shards, and hosed all the blood off the concrete. Thank God for good neighbors, they are the best. She bled through two hand towels before it was all said and done- we're only about 7 miles from the hospital. (By the way- I made it home as soon as she made it out of x-ray and about half an hour before they sewed her up) Anyhow- all told she has a fractured left distal ulna and 16 stitches over 4 different lacerations on her right arm. She will need to go to the orthopedic doctor Monday to have her left arm casted- but I also think her right is broken as well. Look at the pictures and tell me what you think- the ER doctor had a very hard time reading the x-rays due to her bone structure from the disease process- so I am going to have the ortho doc read them and re x-ray the right side just to be safe. Anyway, she's doing fairly well all things considered. She slept most of the day, but is up now that the family is here and will eat dinner with us. I am having to readjust her meds a bit with the new pain pills, but otherwise besides the drowsieness, we may aviod a flare-up this go round. Keep her in your prayers- she needs them now more than ever! Thanks.... and here are the pics...

    This one shows my mom's incredible spirit through everything she has been dealt through her disease process- and now this- and she's still up and around, enjoying father's day with her husband of 26 years and my wonderful dad.

    This one is the right arm and all the lacerations. They look small now that they are sewed- but they sure were deep.

    This is her right wrist. The day it happened I thought it may have been just blood under the skin. But, since it hasn't absorbed- I figure it is the bone displaced.

    Anyhow, I'll update y'all tomorrow when we get back from the doc. G'nite 'till then!

    **UPDATE 6-22-09**
    Well, the ortho doc had good news today. Her right wrist is not fractured. Actually- he says what the ER doc seen on her left wrist was old, also. SO- neither one is a new injury. But... that doesn't explain the odd malformation of her right wrist (her bone structure is different anyhow with all the amputations over the years, but it's never been *that* swollen) The Dr thinks the swelling will go down- so I guess time will tell. I pray he is right about this one! Thank you all for your kind words and concerns- Mom is napping now but I will be sure to read your words of encouragement to her tonight. Thanks again!

    PS- Chicken_China_Mom, you brought up a very good point. I asked the doctor about it, and he said that her daily asparin should be enough. Thank you tho, for sharing your tragic story, it shoud help others, as well. So sorry for your granie! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Tell your mom we all tell her to get well soon!
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    Oh my goodness that looks painful. Hugs for you and your mom. [​IMG]
    And more importantly may you all find strength, healing, and hope in God's love, in Jesus Christ's name we pray. Amen.

    Love in Christ,
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    Ooh, your poor mother! [​IMG] I hope the other arm isnt broken also..[​IMG] Shes such a brave lady! Best wishes to you all. [​IMG]
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    OWEEE! She looks like she's in awful good spirits to have hurt herself so badly. [​IMG] to her, hope that arm isn't broken but it sure looks like it is.
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    Oh my gosh! She got banged up pretty good. I am glad that she is ok (given what could have happened). I agree with you about getting that right arm re-x-rayed. I hope she heals quickly!
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    My thoughts and prayers are with your Mom and your whole family! I hope she gets better soon![​IMG] [​IMG]
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    My thoughts and prayers are with your mom and your family. I have a question though, did they put your mom on a blood thinner as a preventative? My grandma took a really bad fall years ago because she suddenly thought she was young and spry again, and tried to impress my two small cousins by jumping a fence. What she was thinking, I'll never know, but anyway, she slipped and landed ON the fence and received the worst bruise I've ever seen in my life on the back of her thigh, just below her butt cheek. It literally was black and took weeks to heal. Come forward about a year and she suffered a massive stroke and the doctors said she had had a slow moving blood clot and asked if we might have any recollection of any injuries she had received, and her climbing that fence instantly came to my mind, and I told the doctors that too. They said it was a strong possibility. The fall was bad enough for your mom, but I am also concerned about the possibility of blood clots from her fall and the broken bones. I'm no doctor but that right wrist does look broken. Please keep us updated as to what the doctors say tomorrow when you take her for the new x-rays. And do discuss the possibility of blood clots. I don't want to scare you, but I know how my grandma's stroke affected us all, and I just want you to be forewarned. Forewarned is forearmed. God Bless and I will say prayers that she heals quickly with no complications. [​IMG]
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    Hugs & prayers for you all
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    Quote:[​IMG] I agree. The rest does look broken. Looks just like my sons did when he broke his.
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