Mom has safety concerns on my plans to cross breed chickens, pls help!


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Aug 5, 2020
Any chance you guys could tell me how safe it is to cross breed chickens? My mother is worried when I told her I wanted to cross breed a frizzle chicken, Turkish naked neck, featherless and a polish crested, how safe is it to do this? I want to get a featherless chicken with a crest like the polish, frizzled feathers where it does have feathers. But my mom says I need to do research, so how safe is it to cross breed chickens? Alternatively I have no idea where to look for information on how doable this idea is.
I want to develop a chicken that looks like a dinosaur from feathered raptor artist interpretations.
Which means I might breed in a long legged chicken as well.
Again any help would be appreciated greatly thanks.


Apr 28, 2016
New York
You can cross breed different breeds of chickens. I just wouldn't recommend to do what you are planning on. Without feathers, a chicken can't properly regulate its body temperature, it will get sunburned easily, it can't survive in colder climates, it will be more susceptible to injuries, etc.
Nov 28, 2017
Good points @HappyClucker7.

It’s perfectly fine to cross breed chickens. What do you mean by featherless though? There aren’t any featherless chickens that you can buy, as far as I’m aware. The closest you’ll get is your Naked Neck. I think you’ll struggle making something that looks like a dinosaur... But I think a good cross for something smaller and less carnivorous would be Naked Neck x Aseel, you’ll definitely have an intimidating chicken

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