Mom Hen hatched first Chick today she has slight respitory HELP

Are there other chicks to hatch? If you want to prevent the chicks from getting the respiratory disease the mother hen has, you will need to put them in a brooder away from the coop. Mycoplasma or CRD can go through the egg, so the chick may already be infected. Also if you are going to keep the broody hen, she will need to be isolated from the others and treated with antibiotics. The chick may get infected in the future when added to the flock.
I have a total of 13 chickens. Two of my roosters were the worse, but a few days ago, I put the meds in the water that you get when you get baby chicks. It is yellow powder. I am not at home to get a name. They seem to be improving since I started it Monday. I just discovered she was doing a little of signs last night. The baby hatched sometime today. We do have a heat lamp and container that we can put the baby in, but it being so young, it worries me to take it away or leave it with Mom. My daughter and I just started the chicken thing about 1 1/2 yrs ago and this is the first problem to deal with.
Is the powder Duramycin or tetracycline? Or is it for cocci? You can answer later when you have it in front of you. Do any of the sick chickens or roosters have a bad odor about them or swollen eyes or faces--that might mean they have coryza as opposed to CRD. It makes a difference in what antibiotic you use. Tylan or Erythromycin would work on both as well as the Duramycin. I would probably let the chicks stay with Mom and drink the medicated water too, since it is probably going to be hard to contain it.
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Dyramycin-10. We can move mom, chick and rest of eggs to inside our house and put them in the dog wire crate that we use when we get babies. Can other animals catch it from them? They do not have swoollen eyes or faces, or any kind of order, just the chest girgle and cannot crow right now. The hens have the girgle too. Not all of them. We did lose the only Golden Spanish hen we had. It took her really fast!! Within 2 days, but the others seem to be getting a bit better.
I am so sorry, I meant a Golden Polish hen. I am at work so trying to do both at once. Wrong country!!! LOL
No the other animals can't get it , but other birds and poultry can--turkeys, ducks, geese, etc. Sometimes wild birds can bring it in or you can get it from an infected carrier that you bring into your flock.
Well, we moved Hen, eggs, and new chick in their own little coupe. Mom seems to be doing much better and the powder is in the water for her and baby. My roosters are attempting to crow again, I think they might have had just a slight respitory problem. big improvement with in a few days. Just sorry that my daughter had to lose her favorite hen. :( Thank you for your response!!! I will keep you informed on the babies, Have a Great Weekend!
I forgot to ask, do you know if we can still eat the eggs with that antibiotic they are on? Please let me know soon, I have been saving them just in case. If we cannot, can they be scrambled up for my dogs? thanks

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