moment of panic (cute pics)


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
Central MA
We have a broody that has been living in a dog crate in the run for the last few weeks with her chicks- now 3 weeks old.
The dog crate is inside a baby XT gate.

Yesterday the chicks got out of the gate and were running with the big girls. I watched them. The other big girls didn't bother them, and Wilma stayed with her babies.

So DH goes out to lock up the girls last night.
There are no little chicks in the crate.

So he looks in the coop, it's dark, and he sees the silouettes of the big girls.
I was at work. He panics- thinking Oh, NO something got the chicks, or they somehow found a way to get out of the run...

So he runs inside to get a flashlight.
He shines it in the coop
and this is what he sees -



Wilma, and her 6 chickies on the roost in the coop!

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