Momma & Chicks ate hay. Good? Bad?


8 Years
Sep 3, 2011
Arcadia, FL
As we know, I live in Central FL.
It got super cold here last night so I threw down a large handful of coastal (fine) hay
for Momma & her 4 week old chicks to nest in.
When I came back two hours later EVERY LAST PIECE OF HAY WAS GONE!!
They ate it!!!!

Am I to expect blocked crops now?
And, how would I know if it is a blocked crop?

Naughty chickens!
Well, my friend had her field mowed, and the grass had gotten very high this past spring because it rained so much. Her hens ate alot of the grass and one hen did get an impacted crop. I would think it might be possible, but the only thing you can do is wait and see....

Good luck and I hope they'll be OK!

I don't know if it would help, but I know a lot of people advise feeding olive oil once the crop is impacted to help loosen up the material. I wonder if you could give the olive oil now to perhaps prevent it from impacting. I can't see how it would hurt, just don't overdo it with the chicks.
Mine eat hay all the time. I found this out when I tried to use hay on top of the shavings in the nesting boxes. I have horses, so I often take the chaff hay and toss it in the coop. The chickens eat a large percentage of it, and what's left helps by giving the poo something to stick to, so it makes for easier raking.
It's just dry grass, so personally I'd just make sure they have plenty of water
I have hay available for my chickens daily (I store the bale in the garden where they free range) and use it for something to play in their run. my chickens and chicks have never had a problem-although it is something they have always had and not something new.
Keep an eye onthem but I am sure they will be fine
Make sure they have access to grit so the crop can grind it up well. My birds eat hay all the time and everyone's fine.

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