Momma hen abandoned her nest. Are the eggs still good?

Brandy Hurley

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Aug 9, 2018
About a week ago our one broody hens abandoned her nest, right after she hatched 1 of 4 eggs. I have been constantly placing her back on the eggs but whenever I go to check on her after I get home from school she will be up and walking around and the eggs would be cold. At night I'll check on her and she will be back sitting on the eggs. Its quite chilly here in Michigan right now. I candled the eggs yesterday and they are still dark. Since she is constantly on and off the eggs do you think they are still good? Will I be able to put them into an incubator to save them?


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Jul 16, 2015
Broody hens will leave the nest 24-48 hours after the first one hatches in order to feed and care for them. The rest are abandoned and they will not intentionally set to hatch at that point. I would remove the eggs. They are more than likely dead or no good.

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