Momma hen killed, 3week old peeps, Now What?

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    Mar 27, 2009
    My speckled sussex and a gold laced wy. went broody. Sussex had 3 peeps out of 13 eggs(long story) and she was ([​IMG]) such a gentle mother and my fav. hen. This morning she escaped her run and my lab mix did what he does. It was quick anyway. I'm not sure how to handle the peep situation. The other momma chases them off anytime they're near her even when the sussex was near. They were seperated into their own run and the suite nest. I can't bring them in the house as my wife is extremely sensitive to the dust and feathers. Found that out last year when we got them. So I'm primary caretaker. It's warm enough outside I think and their nest is warm. Does anyone think they'll make it? Any other suggestions? The gold laced has only one peep but is quite the bi___, so I don't tyhink sneaking them in with her will work. Hers is only a week old, and she is with the rest of the flock, as the other chickens steer clear of her. I'm just at a loss, and could use some advice..... Thanks for any input............. Andy
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    Oct 18, 2009
    Quote:At three weeks old they're probably mostly feathered out, no? If so, they should be big enough and hardy enough to be out in the coop at night by themselves. If not, then you might want to consider some supplemental heat. If you anticipate a cold snap at night you should put them in a brooder with a heat lamp too. At 3 weeks, they should be in temps around 75 degrees (or so). They'll be fine.
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    I agree with dozengirlz. The only concern for their survival at this point is heat. They will cuddle up to each other and probably be o.k., but if the nights are cool where you are, you might put in a little heat lamp for them. They don't have to be inside. You could put them in a rubber maid on your porch or something - or even in your coop.

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