Momma hen killed with 3 babies


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Feb 28, 2010
A dog just came into our yard and killed our Momma Buff Orphington. My heart is broken. It was so much joy in watching her care for her babies. They are two weeks old and now have gone from free ranging in the yard with their momma to living in a box in our kitche. My question is - they don't seem to be particularly interested in their crumbles. They were used to Mom finding them worms, catching bugs, and eating grass etc - that they probably didn't eat as many crumbles as they need to now. Is there anything that I shouldn't feed them? Is it OK to harvest lettuce, kale, parsley etc. from the garden (organic) for them. I used to feed their momma tofu as a treat - and they ate it as well. I have been feeding them tofu which they seem to love.

Anyway - input would be helpful - and it just feels good letting all of you chicken lovers know about my girl - I loved her so. Her name was Lucy.


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If they're use to freeranging, I'd think any of those things would be fine. Peck at the crumbles with your fingers...that may help them get the idea better too. Sorry about your orp hen...


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May 9, 2010
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So sorry to hear about your loss. Do you know where the dog came from? I would take pictures of the hen and let the owners know they have a chicken killing dog...once they start, it's very difficult to stop them. I would also ask that they pay for a replacement chicken and let them know it is ok to shoot dogs that are killing livestock!!! Might make them keep their dog at home.


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The will need to have extra protein, as greens are great for them but not high in protein. I would be very careful with the tofu: if not processed correctly there is a component in soy that can be toxic to chickens- same with all legumes. They need to be heated and broken down a certain way to be safe.

Scrambled eggs are a great option for upping protein, as is live culture yogurt.

I'm very sorry for your loss- it's a terrible thing! Have you bolstered your defenses against it happening again, and have you made certain the owners know what their dog did so it can be kept at home? They need to know they have a dog that kills so it doesn't run at large doing it over and over, and you need documentation this occurred in case they are irresponsible in the future. Please take the time to write a letter and send it certified so you have an irrefutable record. these situations have a way of getting out of hand very quickly.


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May 15, 2010
Greenbean, I'm soo sorry for your loss
. I agree that you need to document this occurance and contact the dog owner if you know who it is. Otherwise, I'd call animal control if I seen the dog again or shoot it. As far as the chicks are concerned, I've read on here that a lot of people will get grass clippings from the yard (as long as they are not treated) and give it to their chicks. I think that may help them in the transition to the greens from your garden. I dont know if they are old enough for some meal worms maybe. I'm new to chickens this year. But that seems like it would help add protein. If they were eating bugs outside with Momma, then maybe they can handle them as opposed to chicks that have never free ranged.

I hope you can get this resolved and best of luck to you.


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Feb 28, 2010
Thanks to everyone. We do know who the dog owner's are - and called animal control who left them a warning. Another incident and the sheriff will be involved to remove the dog from its home. They are keeping him in for now - but you know how it goes - a week or two and then they get lax. However - we are on the super alert, are not leaving the 3 month old chicks out unless our dog is around to protect them, and will shoot the dog if he comes around again. My husband is taking the rifle out for target practice as we have never used one before - but inherited the rifle from my Dad. I hope it never comes to that.

Thanks for the input on the tofu - I will back off and go out to the garden to dig worms instead. Any ideas on how to tell if the tofu is treated correctly? The chicks seem to be coming around - I think it was pretty traumatic for them - seeing their mother get killed, and then being rounded up by us as well.

Anyway - thanks again to all of you for your support.


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May 1, 2010
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I am sorry for your loss, it hurts so I just lost my rooster but I have no idea what has happen to him or where. He just disappeared......

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