Momma lost interest in baby already??

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    Nov 4, 2008
    the single little chick(Solo, how original:rolleyes:) is about 3 and a hatch weeks old, she(I THINK it's a little pullet), and her momma have lived in a dog kennel for about 2 weeks now, the baby spends most of her time hanging out with the oldie babies, and running around outside the kennel, ofcourse coming back to mom to rest,

    but over the past few days momma has been letting baby get farther and farther away, and today she wants absolutly nothing to do with her chick, wich doesn't sem to bother Solo either, she doesn't seem to notice.

    and when you try to pet momma she goes right down as if you're going to mount her [​IMG]

    I was just wondering if that was normal, or why,

    cause I thought they'd raise the babies for about 6 weeks before letting them go on their own??
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    That is normal, solo is ready to venture out into the world without the help of her mama now. Mine usually stick around for about 3 weeks to a month depending on the hen, one of my hens sticks around for a good 6 weeks to 8 weeks before she takes off. I'd say if the chick gets along with the older ones she can sleep with them at night so she has someone to snuggle with [​IMG]
  3. That is somewhat early Duckie. However, under the circumstances, I`d let the chick fend for it`self and put mom back in the flock. You mentioned older chicks? How much older and can she buddy up with them at night? If not, some provision is in order for warmth for the chick. Maybe someone else may have another idea.......Pop
  4. Ducklove334

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    Nov 4, 2008
    we let momma and Solo out of the kennel to run around for a while,

    they pretty much ignore each other, Solo heads in one direction, momma in the other.

    we have our 7 and 1/2 week old chicks who she runs around with when she squeezes into their pen, and we just got 3 3 1/2-4 week old brahma chicks that are just slightly bigger then Solo.

    so we could seperate momma and put her back with the flock without her having a fit now?, Solo couldn't care less where mommas at LOL.

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