Momma may be sick?


May 28, 2019
Florida Central
Momma hens comb has been getting alittle extra floppy and pale but shes not showing any other immediate signs of anything poop looked fine last i saw and shes got plenty of water and shade any suggestions on what to look for i was gonna give her some pumpkin to see if it might help with potential worms till i can get something better

Edit: she is just going on a year old and this is her first time being mom


Crossing the Road
5 Years
Mar 20, 2017
I know a hen's comb tends to get paler when she goes broody, and gets redder again when she gets ready to start laying eggs again. I don't know why your hen's comb would be getting pale now, after the chicks hatched.

The obvious things to check:
--Is there plenty of food and water? (Chick starter for the babies and the hen.)
--Have you looked at her for parasites? (Lice, mites, etc.)
--Does her poop look normal? Is it reasonable to get it checked for worms? (Might have already checked recently, vet might be closed, vet might be too expensive; but worms are something that should be treated if present.)
--Is the coop adequate? (Big enough, enough shade and ventilation that it doesn't get too hot, roof to keep out rain, predators don't get in and also don't run around barking and scaring the chickens.)

I don't know if any of these are a problem, just suggesting them as possibilities to check.

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